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The super skiff for fishing the flats in Texas

Wavewalk S4 skiff kayak

Super skiff sounds like hype, but in this case it suitable expression for describing what Wavewalk’s new S4 can do for you, the Texas kayak angler or skiff owner:

It weighs just 98 lbs without accessories, so you can easily upload it to your vehicle’s roof rack, or to your pickup truck bed, without help from anyone. It paddles like a charm, solo and tandem, sitting and standing, and it can ride choppy seas when outfitted with an outboard motor of up to 6 HP.
This is to say that fishing in skinny water is no longer a problem, and neither is driving and fishing in the gulf.
This new boat performs like a champ in both applications.

The S4 is extremely stable, even more than many bigger boats, and it can accommodate two large size anglers and all their fishing and camping gear in full comfort.

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Driving the Wavewalk S4 with a 6 HP outboard motor


Fisherman driving his S4 skiff with two passengers on board